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[PRNewswire] Vietnamese communications provider Stringee puts its flexible

등록일 2020.01.31 조회수3063
[PRNewswire] Vietnamese communications provider Stringee puts its flexible
APIs on the global stage

(HANOI, Vietnam, Jan. 31, 2020 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Vietnam's communications programming platform Stringee [ ] is targeting to expand its flexible application program interfaces (APIs) to North America and Australia, less than a year after the company closed in a Pre-Series A investment round.

Stringee is Vietnam's largest communications programming platform providing voice/video calls, SMS and chat services that's recording 1.5 million call minutes per day. These communication APIs help businesses communicate effectively with customers and help save up to 80% of operational costs.

Stringee Call API: This API allows companies to build app-to-app, app-to-phone, phone-to-app calling into their mobile applications and websites.

Stringee Programmable Contact Center API: This interface provides call center services including IVR, calls distribution to agents, and ring group that are compatible with every CRM/ERP/Web/App, etc.

Stringee SMS API: This service helps companies send timely, well-targeted SMS messages

Apart from providing all these services, Stringee is also the first and only platform in Vietnam that can integrate their APIs into any business' customized applications and web.

"When a sales unit integrates Stringee APIs into their mobile app/website, customers do not need to dial up, instead they just need one click on the call icon available on the app/website, then the call will be automatically connected to the operator's hotline. Also, the store salesperson just needs to wear a headset and click on the app in order to contact customers in an instant," said Dau Ngoc Huy, CEO and Founder of Stringee.

In addition, Stringee has established an omni-channel call center solution called StringeeX. This software helps businesses manage customers from all communication channels.

"Stringee aims to lead Asia and conquer the global CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) market that is growing by 25-38% annually. It is estimated that it will be worth around US$30 billion by 2022. The overseas markets which we aim to test first include the US and Australia because, according to our survey, Stringee products have achieved a certain maturity and not inferior to other companies in the same field in the US, Japan, and Europe," Dau added.

About Stringee
Established in 2017, Stringee is a Vietnamese communications programming provider. It currently serves more than 500 corporate customers, including Golden Gate, MobiFone, VietinBank, VNDirect, DatXanh Group, PTI Post Insurance, and Be Group, and over 40 million end users via its system. With the capacity to serve over hundreds of million users, Stringee successfully closed a Pre-Series A investment round last year.

Currently, Stringee's growth rate is 5 times as fast as the beginning of 2019 in terms of revenue and number of customers. Stringee is calling for Series A capital to accelerate the development of Stringee products and to launch them in foreign markets. In recognition of Stringee's achievements, the communications provider won the most prestigious prize of Nhan Tai Dat Viet 2018 in the field of Information Technology.

Photo -
Stringee successfully hosted Tech Talk event with the topic "Behind the platform serving over 40 million users" in December 2019

Source: Stringee

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